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Welcome to the Sheep Pen
Server Rules

1-No cheating... it will not be tolerated, hacking or suspected hacking WILL result in a Permanent Ban.

2-Be adult at all times and listen to admins directions.

3-If you are banned from the server, use the CONTACT ME link on the left hand side Navigation Panel and tell us why you should be unbanned. Remember when reviewing OUR DECISION IS FINAL.

4-Harassing other players may result in being kicked, continued harassment will result in a Permanent Ban.


6-Players may be kicked at any time to make way for -=LsG=- members, this will only be done if the servers are full, -=LsG=- is sorry for any inconvenience caused !
Hello everyone....

we recently had a spam attack after it was found a few settings were reverted too a compromising position...

I changed all settings to members only and strangely enough the join settings were set to low aswell...so I changed them to admin acceptance only.

I had to remove in excess of 9 pages worth of threads...ban a heap of goat molesting spammers who I noticed still had goats testicles resting peacefully on their chins... it was stupid that they wasted so much time doing this as only 10 or so people actually come to this site....stupid retarded hackers wasting their time FOR NO GAIN WHAT SO EVER...

if you were a member that accidentaly got removed chat with one of the admins on
TS3 and we will re-add you...

-=LsG=- apologises for any inconvenience caused...but I hope the hackers enjoy eternally full cups of warm goat sperm

ARK: Survival Evolved
ARK: Survival EvolvedWell, here we have our latest game... which is in it's early access stage of it's development

ARK: Survival Evolved:

As a man or woman stranded naked, freezing & starving on a mysterious island, you must hunt, harvest, craft items, grow crops, & build shelters to survive. Use skill and cunning to kill or tame & ride the Dinosaurs & primeval creatures roaming the land, & team up with hundreds of players or play locally!

This game was released 03/06/2015 and we @ -=LostSheepGaming=- were all over it!

By the end of Day1 Camo purchase a 10 slot server from Wombat servers, and those that played it were hooked on day 2...especially CorpSe ...who made level 19 in one day. (dont forget to give Camo a big wet kiss next time you chat to him)

This game is under constant development which initially saw heaps of updates and continues to be updated regularly....

there are a few things to really look forward too, better performance in game from users PC's and low memory usage for servers will be a boon to the game....

Another important milestone will occur when Windows 10 comes out and the game goes DX12... this alone will see a performance increase somewhere between 25-30% over DX11

Server details are this will be updated if it changes in the future.

For more information a discussion forum for ARK:Survival Evolved has been added to discuss and share any news found, plus highlight any cool screenies taken by members etc... please feel free to add any content you find interesting and relevant to this "KICK ARSE" game

X-Plane 10
X-Plane 10Good Afternoon Sheepies,

After many debates Buggs has finally purchased X-Plane 10 Global Flight Simulator.

I myself have had it from previous versions among other simulators and believe this is the most realistic one available. Buggs and Camo are currently compiling a list of addons and the like that we believe make the game more interesting but it all depends on personal choices.

BEWARE Before you buy this I will inform you that this is a realistic simulator with no real story to it other than to simulate flying a plane. Only purchase this if you enjoy flying aircraft on routes across Australia and the World.

Buggs and Camo are going to try and get the multiplayer side of things working for this if you wish to join us.

BEWARE Once again I can't say this enough please read above that this is a simulator with no real challenge but to simulate flying an aircraft.

If you do happen to purchase this and want to join in on the fun and frivolity with us you can access the addons the same way as you do for ArmA III by clicking on this link X-Plane 10 Add-ons

ArmA III Servers
NewsHi All,

We now have two ArmA III Servers. The dynamics of ArmA III allow us to run nearly limitless amounts of mods on these.

Below are the IP addresses for both servers and mods they are currently running: - -=Lost Sheep Gaming=- Wasteland Altis v1.0 - -=Lost Sheep Gaming=- Wasteland Altis v1.0 with Mods

To download the mods used on the servers please use ArmA III Mods You will need to be logged in and use the details listed.

If you have any other ideas/requests or need a hand to install the mods please speak to Buggs, Corpse or Myself.

Cheers Camo
ps the unmodded server is up to date as of 12/05/2015 ... the modded server will be fixed as soon as the "coder" / server maintenance guy comes back from holidays and has time to recover...hope Cambodia was awesome
New Teamspeak Server Details
New Teamspeak Server Details-=LsG=- TEAM SPEAK DETAILS

The Teamspeak server address is: ts3.lostsheepgaming.net

No need for ports or anything as we have a custom host name now.

If the TS server can not be accessed on the above host name please use the IP and Port address

If you need any help contact Buggs, Corpse or Myself

Cheers Cameron
WebSite Front Page
WebSite Front PageHello LostSheep

~Just putting this post up to let all members know, when posting articles to this website, please post them into the discussion forums..

~A decision has been made to keep the news /home page only for articles relating directly to front line information about this Website, our Gaming Servers and our Teamspeak

~This decision was made in the interest of keeping the homepage neat and concise.

~All members posts are to be made in their relevant categories within the forums, you can post stuff into the public section or in the members only section.

~If you wish to create a new category, please see Camo, CorpSe or BuGGs and one will be made to suit your needs

thanks for your time in reading this Article
Who are Lost Sheep Gaming
Who are Lost Sheep GamingLost Sheep Gamers

The Lost Sheep Gaming members are a bunch of older gamers who have had enough of the pro gaming scene.

We have at present 4 gaming servers, a Red Orchestra 2 server, a Call of Duty 4 server (modded) a Arma 3 server (Modded) and a Rising Storm Server". Everybody is welcome to play on them.

We do ask that you respect all Lost Sheep members and each other, whilst in the server or on the forums. Lost Sheep Gaming has a zero tolerance when it comes to childish behavour.

We do not like to enter into Globalling and believe it to be childish behavour, one main reason we stopped competitive gaming and left our previous existence, and started this "FUN" clan.

We are not recruiting at the moment but, if and when we do, prospective members must be 18 years or older to join. This is for your protection and ours, so don't take it personally, this rule will not be bent or changed. So have fun and play well.

Buggs -=LsG=-
G'day from CorpSe
G'day from CorpSe
From all the Admins at -=LOST SHEEP GAMING=- we'd like to say

"G'day to all ... welcome to OUR SHEEP PEN" .....

dont leave the gate open or the -=SHEEP=- will flock off


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